Hi, I’m here. 

Sometimes I write a post, and the theme of it really sticks with me. It begins to resonate as the time passes. 

Sometimes, I write it only half understanding what I’m truly writing, just to have it fully show itself in the coming weeks. 

I haven’t been posting much, and for that I apologize. Life has gotten to be quite complex here lately, and I don’t want to type anything fueled by rash emotion, or divulge things prematurely. 

I can say that while life has been throwing it’s punches, the love and kindness I have been shown by various friends in the dance community has blown my mind and touched my heart in ways I can’t explain. I had to call in on a Wednesday I’m supposed to teach, and not only was my artistic director extremely understanding, but my friend pulled through to help out on last minutes notice. On top of that, I had no less than four different people text me. One to tell me how the kids did in class, which she didn’t know I was wondering how they held up and how things went. She just informed me because she’s a gem and brought such a peace to my mind that I needed. Others text me asking where I was and making sure I was okay. It made me feel so good. 

This isn’t the first class I’ve missed, and usually it feels like no one really bats an eye about it. No big deal right? But to have multiple people message me reaffirmed to me everything I feel about this whole “ballet journey.” 

Life isn’t going to be perfect, but sometimes just knowing you’re wanted makes all the difference. 

I’m still waiting to hear back on my blood work. My follow up appointment isn’t until May, so I won’t hear from my specialist until then, but I should get the results back from the clinic before then. My chiropractor has also taken special interest in my health story, which is best especially since he also is an R.N. Having him willing to work with me to get me to my best is incredible. 

Life is hard. But there are bits of beauty all around if you let yourself see them. 

I also have super cool things in the works, hopefully to be revealed shortly. Still trying to work out all the details and get things set before I say too much 😂 but they’re exciting. 

I hope you are all well. You are very loved and valued. Please remember that. 


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