"Hold it together"

We were doing a turn combination in my V’s class that proved rather challenging, even though it wasn’t all that difficult.

Pique, pique, double pique, prouette, releve, attitude turn,  four chaines.

Everyone seemed to struggle with it.
We also did another combination across the floor that didn’t contain steps that were too difficult, but almost everyone struggled with the timing.

Saute, develope, glissade, jete, chasse, sou de basque, arabesque, chasse, tour jete, chasse, fouette, glissade, grande jete.

Our teacher told us before we did the left side, “You have to make sure that you are engaging your core, holding your epaulement correctly, you need to just kinda, hold it all together. That’s how you’ll get through and get the timing.

This has become my mantra.

Life can occasionally feel like it’s falling apart.
Things may not even necessarily be going badly, but you’re still at the end of your rope.
No idea how you’re gonna make it or what you’re gonna do about it all

You just have to hold it all together–you can’t afford to break down.

Hold it together.


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