World Ballet Day 

Today marks perhaps the fondest day in all current ballet dancers hearts, the day we celebrate ballet around the world. 

(Hence the name. Obvi.)

I won’t get to watch as much today as I have the past years, which makes me sad, but it’s okay. 

The first year they did this, I streamed it on YouTube and kept up in the comments section, talking about the variation they were working on, which dancer was which, complimenting leotard styles, and even having some ballet greats pop in and talk with us. It was pretty great! 

But the greatest of all for me was the forming of #teampotato when we decided that, in comparison, we were no more than dancing potatoes. (I tweeted it and Misha liked it. So that’s cool.) 

The second year, I happened upon many of the original #teampotato members, and we inducted a few new ones, brainstorming ideas of having some sort of meet up and all taking a class together. 

This year, I happened to be woken up at 4am local time, but remembered the date and turned on the livestream. At the same time, one of the original members messaged me from Australia, and we made our own little chat since it’s streaming differently this year. I just sat back and really took in the moment and how cool this day is and the friends I’ve met, and kept, since the inaugural year. How cool is it that I have real friends in Australia and Singapore and France and Holland and Finland and Estonia and so many other places, some exclusively due to world ballet day, and some since I made my blog public. 

They have become some of my greatest friends, truly. It’s cool to see the support we genuinely have for each other in our endeavors on different parts of the planet, and how we really aren’t all that different even though our countries aren’t the same. It’s something I deeply treasure. (So, thank you, my lovely dears you!) 

My streaming is limited currently, but that’s okay. Because I know right now someone is in ballet class, someone is rehearsing, and today that tons of people are tuning in to a stream of it, hearts full and inspired. 

I stepped outside this morning to this 

And realized while this is what I saw, this was also going on similtaneously 

(Royal ballet) 

How cool is that? 

With everything as difficult as it’s been lately, even as recent as last night, it’s nice to have a sort of jump start to remind you why you fight for this. To make you feel in your heart what it is that makes you pull on those tights and shoes and go out there and work to be better. 

I know I’ll never be anything close to these people I see today, not physically at least. But I can learn and glean and get as close as physically possible. To do that, for me, is to have success. To never give up, even when it’s hard and overwhelming. 

I had a dear friend here at home remind me last night that this is a privilege. To remember the days even this was still a dream. I may be blinded by the difficulties and complications, but this is all so much more than that. This is about something deep in my soul that doesn’t rest until I try again; until I give it everything I have. 

I think of my life, of the last five years. I see the girl in class last night who began the same journey I began that day, I see where it’s brought me and the potential she has. I think of how vastly different my life would be without dance. I mean, would I even have friends? What would I do with my life? 

I look through all of this and I smile. 

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. 
Keep working. Keep striving. Keep inspiring. Whether you’re an adult beginner, or a principal at a well known company. Keep being true to yourself. 


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