Snow White Auditions. 

Our spring show this season is going to be an original choreography piece by Julie Green, who actually choreographed the first spring show I was in here. We did Wizard of Oz that time, and this time it’s Snow White. 

Since it’s a new, original piece we had the auditions early, that way she knows who she has to work with, they can get costumes rolling since they’ll largely be new, (or to see what we have that we can use) and everything else that goes into it. It’s a lot to piece together and get rolling in the mind of the creatives. 

We had those auditions yesterday, and i’m glad to know they’re over. Auditions just make me super nervous, largely due to the fact that i’m so much older than everyone i’m auditioning with. It’s a slightly awkward thing at times, mix in all my ailments and issues–it’s difficult. Trying to show them I can do things that my body just isn’t letting me do is frustrating. This time it was mainly my right leg. My achilles’ tendon has been giving me issues, and the muscles in my right leg have just been…weird. Almost as though they’re easily exhausted. Why the right leg? It’s my dominant leg, and the leg that’s usually worked the most. I don’t understand. Anyways. 

I made it through alright. My main focus was to just do what I could do and not freak out. To know that, thankfully, they know what I can do and what I’m capable of, and that the best thing is to go in with confidence. My goal was to begin and end each thing well, and just do my best in the middle. 

We started off with barre, which, thankfully, my body cooperated for and did what it can do on a normal time. I was in the first group of 10, but towards the end of it, making me go in the first group a few times, but second or third at others. We did a large amount of it in our flat shoes, which didn’t mean that it was automatically easy. But part of it was expected, and I knew that it wasn’t roles I was being considered for, so all you can do in those scenarios is your best with confidence. Then they’re more prone to see your effort. After all, they see you in class. they know what you can and can’t do. No sense getting worked up that you can’t do something that they know you can’t already do. 

We did a bit of acting as well, which I found to be extremely fun. there was one part where we were partnered up and then separated. We then had to come up with a character, it could be human or not, and we had to be in that character as we went to meet up with our partner, then interact in our characters. We were separated so we wouldn’t be able to plan with each other what we were, which made it so much fun. I toyed around with the idea of being a dog, and like. sniffing the butt of my partner (i knew her and knew it wouldn’t freak her out[and i wouldn’t reaaaaally sniff her butt. that’s gross]) but decided to be a fisherman instead. originally i wanted to row my bit by scooting, but it would take to long so i opted for being on my knees. (skinning them a little. hah.)  I then got out my fishing pole and caught a fish. Then i noticed my partner and threw my line at her. And she completely went with it, caught my line, and I reeled her in. It was hilarious, and actually quite perfect, becauase she was sadness. There was a pair that ended up being hilarious with a doll and an old lady. When the old lady couldn’t keep up with the doll, the doll just picked her up and ran off with her. We all laughed so hard! 

Then there was a part where she pulled out some girls from the rest. She had done this before with a big of the dwarf section, to better see some of the girls do it against each other. This time she separated some out to do a different section of a combination we learned. She called out the expected numbers of the advanced girls at the end of the group, then picked out a few more, including a couple of my friends. Then she took one last scan of everyone and called my number and another girls number. Now, I have no clue of the significance of this part to the grand scheme of things, but just knowing that I was included in with the group of girls (that were essentially the VI’s from last year) made me feel really good. So we all learned the combination, then those of us that had been separated out were put with two of the other girls. (one in the center, flanked by the other two.) The two were told to do the combination like normal, and those in the center were told to do it messed up and clumsy. Whatever that means to them. I went in the first group, and this was one of the most fun things i’ve ever done in an audition. As we went through, we ran out of the two’s, so they called out a few of the girls who had already gone in the center to be the flanks for the remaining girls. I got to go with my friend Abarrane as the other flank, and Alexis in the center. It was really fun because we were able to interact with her if we wanted to when she interacted with us. I loved it. So so much. Plus, I was just really glad i remembered the combination, because at first I was actually doing it the wrong way, before we knew we were supposed to mess it up. Some of the girls were absolutely hilarious. It was so much fun. 

We went on to the section en pointe, which was okay. I went into it telling myself I could do it and trying not to worry. Which was great, until we were doing this combination that was fast and a little difficult, but played to my strengths. which was great, until the chaines leading into it. I came out of one funny, semi-rolled my ankle, but not fully, just enough for my shoe to come off, and i couldn’t quite regain my bearings. I did my best to finish and was frustrated because I can actually do pique roll through really well. I let it go and moved on, hoping my ankle wasn’t jacked up. I pressed on, not wanting them to think i’m incapable. And it sucks cause I had just resewn my shoes so the heel wouldn’t fall off. Ugh. 

Thankfully at the end we did that part again, so I sort of got to redeem myself. it was fast and I landed hard on the jete, but it definitely could have been worse. 

All in all, I think this is the best audition I’ve had. I don’t know if that’s saying much, but whatever. The show will be fun. I have no clue when we’ll get the cast list, but i’ll let y’all know obviously. 

I’m glad it’s over. Stressing about it is worse than actually doing it. Now we can all carry on. 


6 thoughts on “Snow White Auditions. ”

    1. it was probably the most fun i’ve ever had at one!
      that was a really bad explanation of the step. essentially, you pique into arabesque and then roll through your shoe into another move. in this case it was a low arabesque to the front. and the arms would alternate and be opposite the leg. we did it four times really fast.


      1. I completely understand. Sometimes I try to describe something I did in class and I have no idea where to start.

        For some reason I was thinking the exact opposite and was thinking that you were rolling from flat up onto pointe 😛

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