Snow White Cast List 

The cast list came out yesterday for our spring show, Snow White. 

None of us really knew anything of what to expect since it’s a brand new production for us, so–besides the obvious dwarves–we won’t really know what the roles entail until we get to rehearsal and start working hard. 

I was cast as a Weisse Frauen and am the cover for the Hoffraulein. 

Once again, absolutely no clue what any of this means, except that I’m cast with my level which is all I really hoped for. 

(Lies. I wanted to be a tree. But I’ve wanted to be a tree in literally any production and there’s hasn’t been the part of “tree” in anything. So back on the bucket list that goes.) (hehe)

I was a little taken back to see that I’m a cover again at first, but, I mean, I get it. It’s not something I’ll talk about here cause too many people read this, but I have a bonus of coming into this as an adult and therefore understanding how these sort of dynamics work more than others may. All in all, I’m content. 

I am a little nervous, though, since being a cover means you essentially have to work harder to make sure you can jump in for anyone. Spring is already rather busy and complex for me as it is, but I’m doing everything I can do be my best at everything I have on my plate. That means that basically if it’s not work or dance, it’s probably not going to happen. If I were in high school, or lived at home still, or somehow didn’t have a home to have to stay on top of, it would be a different story. But my reality is different than most people’s reality, so I have to do what I can however I can. 

I am excited to see how the show is going to go, and to know that I’m trusted enough to be a cover. The other two spring shows I’ve been in I’ve also covered, and ended up dancing, though I have a feeling if any year is the one I don’t go in, it’ll be this one. And that’s okay. The experience is what it’s really all about. I get to be a part of a brand new show. I get to be in a show. I’m living a life some people only dream of, and if I’m foolish enough to not realize how incredible that is, then do I really deserve to be in it? This is a gift. And I choose to see it as such. 

I’m very excited for the people I’m dancing with. There are a few of the younger girls that are in the role I am and I’m very proud that they are. Once again, I have no clue yet what the role will be like, but these girls work really hard and are growing so much every class. And plus I’m just excited to dance with them again. And excited to dance a role with them! I haven’t gotten to yet, though we were all in Waltz of the Flowers. We were different parts, though. This time we’re the same, so I’m excited. They make me better. They challenge and encourage me. I count it an honor to have them in my tribe. 

Rehearsals begin this weekend, and Saturdays rehearsals are ones I’ll actually be late to due to teaching, but there’s only so much that can be done to avoid that. It’s not intentionally against me, there’s just really no way around it, which I totally get. And the good thing is our director knows that too so I won’t get faulted for missing the warm up that’s during my class and coming in late. I know I don’t have to be afraid of something that isn’t my fault. (Not that I’ve ever had to feel that way here, but I have in previous jobs. And it’s so nice knowing that’s not the case here.)

I’ll update more after this weekend when we’ve begun the process. Stay tuned! 


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